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Ember Locke, Kensington

Brief: To create 120 kitchens for this stunning Kensington renovation.

Background: This challenging, multi-phased project in central London required our project manager to work closely with the contractors to ensure the kitchens arrived on time and fit perfectly in the many different types of room.

What we made 

  • 120 kitchens with paint finish doors and drawer fronts plus the solid surface worktops.
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We have worked with Curtis on many hotels and I am pleased to say that, yet again, they performed well on our latest project for Ember Locke in Kensington. They manufactured 120 kitchens for our project and were a great support in engineering and designing kitchens which worked across the many challenging room types in this beautiful period building. The deliveries were communicated by a dedicated project manager and the furniture arrived on time for what was a challenging multi phased programme."

County Contractors Mark Heathman Director
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