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A hoteliers guide to interior design trends for 2016

15 January 2016
A hoteliers guide to interior design trends for 2016

It’s a new year and with a new year comes resolutions of change - maybe your resolution was to refurbish and spruce up your hotel?

We’re working with leading interior designers across numerous high-end hotel projects. This varied experience gives us a great feel for the hotel design trends that are coming through – that will filter through to the hotel market as a whole. We’ve found some online resources to help share these key trends with you.

Big windows in 2016

Bring a touch of nature inside

One primary interior design trend for hospitality in 2016 is bringing nature inside. If you’re working on a refurb, think more about stone accents, wood features and decorative plants- there has even been a rise in indoor ponds and waterfalls. If you’re working on a new build, you can blur the line between outside and inside with floor-to-ceiling windows and large balconies.

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Fabrics and textures

One interior design trend in 2016 will be mixing and matching fabrics with contrasting textures. This will work for most hotels and styles- whether you’re wanting to create a sleek, stylish and luxurious experience or a more cosy and homely one. 

For example, mixing faux fur with suede or velvet would create depths of texture.

The naturalistic design trend is cropping up again but this time with the ‘Nature Luxe’ theme- the combination of nature and metallics. This uses fabrics such as skins and hides and craft textures like knitted, woven and braided textiles and mixing them with metal to create a natural and luxurious design. 

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2016 interior design colour palette for hospitality

An earthy colour palette

The expected interior design colour trends for 2016 come from Scarlet Opus and they seem to stick to the naturalistic theme. The colours range from bold blues and purples to dusty mid-toned hues. Scarlet Opus suggest you use one of these colours and work it into your palette, rather than using them all together. 

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Authenticity and personality with bespoke furniture 

Not necessarily a new one but undoubtedly a key interior design trend for 2016. Hotels have become less of a temporary shelter whilst exploring a new and exciting destination and more of a new and exciting destination in themselves. Brand loyalty is becoming less of a hook, with millennials being more concerned about their search for novelty than returning to their ‘good old faithful’ hotel. 

With this shift in the way hotels are being used has come the need to make your hotel stand out- a faceless room without personality will not give customers the needed nudge to pick your hotel. How do you inject this personality into your hotel? As well as many other techniques, bespoke personalised furniture! 

Need inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest page for some examples of the beautiful bespoke rooms that we have worked on.

Moving with technology

Technology is changing hospitality design by transforming guest experiences and the traditional hotel layout. Developments in technology influencing interior design can be attributed to a variety of new mechanics including but not inclusive to mobile booking, thus, reducing the need for large check in/receptions.

Last year the Australian Hospitality Magazine wrote an article on ‘7 technologies that are transforming the hospitality industry’ that details how else the hospitality industry will change with technology.

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To summarise…

Throughout our research and whilst talking to our designers, the 2016 trend that kept on making an appearance was design with a subtle naturalistic theme. Big windows, stone accents, furs and beautiful bold and natural colours.

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